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Bocholt 1933-1945

(this postcard shows Bocholt in 1930)

In memory of the victims of the Nazi dictatorship. We never forget.



At the moment we try to write only English texts to make it possible for non-Germans to get some information about Bocholt during the Third Reich with special view on the prisoner camp Stalag VI F in Bocholt. Members of former prisoners should be given the chance to get something to know about this place. The translation will take time, so you may have a look here in a few weeks.




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                                                               In memory of the victims of the most cruel dictatorship the world has ever seen.

We try to translate this page in English to make it possible to get information about Bocholt in the Second Wolrd War for members of former prisoners of the POW-camp Stalag VI F. We are sorry for mistakes and would be happy, if you may tell us about any mistakes.

 The update will need time...


online since:    2001























 Bocholt in 1933-1945

this postcard shows Bocholt in 1930 from the south to north

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